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Activism in Canada—and the rest of the world—has been going through a transformation process as the general public continues to gain access to new technological developments and phenomena. [IMPORT FROM OLD WEBSITE]

A comprehensive list of learning resources and more for those who want to continue the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s sharable, so you can forward it along to anyone who asks “What more can I do?” too. [IMPORT FROM OLD WEBSITE]

I learned how to use the platform Twine and created an interactive walkthrough of our course in HTML5. [IMPORT FROM OLD WEBSITE]

A discussion about children on social media, commentary on the rise of the kidfluencer and critiques of mismanaged consent, digital self-representation and privacy practices performed on behalf of children without their involvement. [IMPORT FROM OLD WEBSITE]

Demonstrating selfie practices for a graduate class called Rhetoric of the Selfie (bonus: photos of my dog inside). [IMPORT FROM OLD WEBSITE]